very nice article which creates concern about the future of the naturism because of the vanishing naturism opportunities. Looking for further ideas from you which naturists may follow for naturism to grow & flourish.

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Joshua Tree National Park is over 1200 square mile in area and hundreds of miles of trails. Hike where there hasn't been a recent fire and there's still plenty of opportunity. I go out there every year just to do that. CA has vast areas of BLM land and National Forest land available for hiking. There are National Parks and Preserves . Most trails never see a hiker for days on end.


It isn't that the opportunity has disappeared. Almost nobody ever takes advantage of it. There are no California nude hiking groups other than the San Diego Camping Bears. They are pretty small. There just aren't enough nudies interested. That's the problem. And there aren't enough nudies because we're comfortable enough with an occasional visit to a beach or a club and not at all comfortable with leaving the closet to let textiles know about what we love.

I'm not arguing for Jehovah's Witnesses style of proselyting or evangelical behavior. There are communities where a public nudist would get excoriated and ostracized.

OTOH, nudists feel subconscious shame, too much fear, and too little value is placed on being authentic to be open about it. Just letting their close friends, significant other, or even a spouse know they're a nudist without any particular advocacy is more than many are capable of. I don't see a fix for this.

The place for nudist blogs is in the main stream blogging community, Blogging to the nudist community is just preaching to the choir.

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Please see Mark Walsh at British Naturism:


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The Canadian wildfires didn't really impact naturists, many of the places that were impacted aren't habitable. :)

I think naturists need to realize that they aren't the only group who enjoys nudity nor do they own the narrative on body acceptance. I'm not talking about swingers or sex clubs in regard to groups. I mean queen communities, feminist communities, multicultural communities, Wiccan communities, green communities, etc.

The values of naturists are incredibly important. Not every nudist subscribes to these values. Yet there's acknowledgement of a mutual interest. This intersection is available in many other places.

While the PR side of naturists proclaim being open, there are a lot of silent scripts that chafe against that. I bristle when I hear ignorant and hateful comments towards others in clubs, not just because they don't sit well with my values, but because they lead to stagnation and attrition.

To grow, you can't attract more of the same. You need different people and to let them have a role in defining what is what. This is true for any brand, service, etc.

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