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very nice & detailed article. the ways & the means to outreach society about the naturism are very much valid ones. Besides it, what I feel is that there should be one consolidated book about the naturism which collects & include the evidences from the history-religion-literature-quotes of famous personalities across all cultures from the globe which favors the naturism. This will provide a tool & moral strength to all naturists to outreach the society about the naturism. However who will complete this huge task is another question..

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I think that one thing that needs to be done, something nobody is really mentioning, is a new study on the effects that naturism has on children. There hasn't been one since the 90s, and this will help counter the myth that nudity and children is a form of abuse. Which is not true, but is spread through the media, so parents believe it, raising a generation of kids that believe nudity is only sexual.

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