Great article!

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Interesting! I'm nervous about AI - so far.

I am now re-reading Tom Pine's books in the 'Father Al Takes a Vacation' trilogy. The habitually unclothed New Adamite moon-dwellers prefer the term 'unclothed' vs. 'nude' or 'naked', since 'unclothed' describes the *natural* state of a person, whereas 'nude' or 'naked' imply a not-natural condition; as if something is missing from an artificial, man- or moon- made, normally clothed, state. It seems your AI queries have somehow elicited a 'human' type of response, not the neutrality I would expect (or hope for) from an impartial 'artificial' intelligence.

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Sincere thanks for your encouraging article. as you said rightly, i agree that our naturism passion has to be shared which may help to locate & expand local naturists, especially in countries where the laws are stringent.

Surely I will try once-twice the ChatGPT discussion which may help in sharing my naturism passion, initially with my close doctor friend when we will have party in next couple of days.

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